This building is the last construction ot the urbanization Las Gondolas - an example for a good work and a good quality of life. This house is built with the best materials you can find on the market. With a profitable division of the rooms, an incomparable site and an unforgettable view, appropriate for the habitants to be happy.


Construction plans

Memorandum of the quality

ˇ Foundations with "Pilotaje de Hinca", concrete used in the foundations prepared with cement resistant to Sulphates

ˇ Structure made of reinforced concrete with unidirectional ˇ Exterior enclosure with air chamber, thermal insulation and soundproofing

ˇ Top-Quality ceramic floors and tilings ˇ White bathroom fixtures and fittings with mixer taps ˇ Exterior woodwork with thermolacquered coloured aluminium and "Climalit" Glass in exterior windows and doors

ˇ Mechanisms of electricity "Simón 27" or similar

ˇ Interior woodworks made of oak, with an oak built-in wardrobe in every bedroom and a security frontdoor

ˇ Continous exterior coating for the facade in colours

ˇ Observance of the Spanish legislation concerning telecommunications (Real Decreto Acerca de Telecomunicaciones), with the installation of a parabolic aerial positioned to face the Astra satellite and another UHF receiving aerial from the transmitters of Carrascoy and Atana

ˇ Every building has two lifts, with a capacity of six people, semiluxurious model

ˇ Observance of the basic buildings regulations concerning systems to avoid fire and evacuation installations with the design of spaces closed by fireproof doors, the installation of a dry column to be used by the fire brigade, fire extinguishers and signs, as well as the readjustment of distances and evacuation spaces specified in the aforementioned regulations

ˇ Exterior rails of the individual balconies made of thermolacquered Aluminium in colour

ˇ Common areas of the building constructed with fine materials (marbles, woods, etc.) and high-quality paints and colours in keeping with a careful design

ˇ Every house has a strongbox with a code, fully fitted kitchen equipped with extractor hood, cooking hob, electric oven, refrigerator, electric heater with a capacity of 75 litres and a washing machine

ˇ All buildings and private surroundings observe the Spanish regulations relating to the environment and the suppression of architectural barriers in the building

ˇ Common arears with wide spaces of parks and gardens, recreational facilities especially designed for children and swimming pool of enormous dimension